Stephanie Kiwitt, Dialogues


21 x 13cm, 96p, b&w, softcover, English
Published by Camera Austria

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In “Dialogues”, the German artist Stephanie Kiwitt, who lives in Brussels, brings together for the first time various works from recent years, which she has realised in the form of publications and exhibition projects, in a common context. New connections emerge from image to image that have never existed before, each new image is a leap in time and space, between Belgium and Marseille, Prague and Ghent … Or are these collisions rather than new connections? Cuts, excerpts, images that reach beyond their edges, that lead further, lead somewhere else – perhaps into another image? In a special way, Stephanie Kiwitt succeeds in locating her pictures, series and books at a boundary where a description opens up and enables something instead of formulating and closing it off, a boundary where the pictures make something available instead of demonstrating it. This opening does not happen without action, it has to be set in motion – through images that do not come into being by chance and not casually either, but which do not pretend to have always known better, images that have an inherent restraint through which they open up a dialogue, both between the images themselves and with their viewers.