Kenneth Goldsmith, The PXL-MAD Lectures (viewing copy)

30 x 21,5 cm, 100p, b&w, paperback, English
Published by het Balanseer

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“This book is an excercise in failure. It is demonstrable proof of my book, Against Translation, which claimed that translation is an approximation of discourse, rather than discourse itself. Whie I ha long intuited that understanding across languages is impossible, this book assures me that I am correct. Furthermore, to my surprise, I discovered that transcription is as flawed as translation.” –– Kenneth Goldsmith, 2017.

Edited by Arne De Winde, Evelin Brosi and Kris Latoir
Desgin by Oliver Ibsen

Transcribed by Thomas Chadwick, Sofie Gielis, Remco Roes, Erik Nuyts, Patrick Ceyssens, Griet Moors, Hannelore Roth, Arne De Winde, Marijke Malfroidt, Boris Van den Eynden, Els Menten, Piet Home, Yannis Tsitsovits, Katleen Verjans, Gert-Jan Meyntjens a.o.
printed by Risiko Press (Jan Matthé)