Hadda (Stolen Afghan Items – Sculptures / Heads)

26 x40cm; 20p, risographie
co-éditions La Houle et Abel Nicosdriou Project

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Selected from Interpol’s Works of Art database, the images in the Hadda edition (Stolen Afghan Items – Sculptures / Heads) are reproductions of sculptures dating from the 3rd and 4th centuries. They probably come from the Greco-Buddhist archaeological site of Hadda, located about ten kilometres south of Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan. Over the past forty years, many remains from this region have disappeared, victims of destruction and looting, and are still being sought.

The recovery of these documents is both an expression of absence and an imprint of manifestation. These objects were initially attributed an archaeological value during the excavations that led to their discovery and identification. They disappeared again following a series of conflicts, and are now resurfacing, listed in a photographic database dedicated to their research and whose taxonomy calls them works of art.
In this context and in the brutal absence of any physical experience of the object, the residual image of a now inaccessible heritage becomes its only mode of appearance. Paradoxically, it is the loss of these figures that amplifies their inscription in the history of art and brings into play a phenomenon of remanence.