Beni Bischof, Texte 1


10,8 x 17.7 cm, 320p, bw, paperback, English
Published by Edition Patrick Frey

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Beni Bischof works in an unruly and intuitive manner. In addition to his drawings, collages, paintings, sculptures, and installations, his self-published, laser copied art magazine has since 2005 borne witness to his eruptive creative urges. He translates spontaneous ideas concerning social and political issues into quirky, humorous word and image-based messages of a disarming directness.The banality of everyday life is not spared any more than current political dramas. Beni Bischof de-glamorizes the noble appearance of purported exclusivity and draws a picture of society characterized by his unfathomable sense of humor. He draws his image and text materials from trivial literature, fashion magazines, advertising, and even the virtual world. ‘Psychobuch’ (2014), his first publication with Edition Patrick Frey, is both an overview of this intensive production as well as a full-fledged artist’s book in its own right.’Texte’ offers an initial view into his current work in progress: pure text in a paperback format. It consists of Beni Bischof’s personal portrayal of his collection of emails, headlines, slogans, and jokes. ‘Texte’ is being published on the occasion of the artist’s solo show at the St. Gallen Art Museum (February 13–June 21, 2015).


Beni Bischof was awarded the St. Gallen Manor Art Prize for the year 2015.