Anika Schwarzlose, Disguise And Deception

20 x 27cm, 98p, ills colour, paperback, English

Published by Van Zoetendaal Publishers

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In the former German Democratic Republic, a special unit of the Nationale Volksarmee (East German National People’s Army) known as Tarnen und Täuschen (Disguise and Deception) was occupied with the development of camouflage technology and with production of decoy weaponry. Following the reunification of Germany, this unit has continued its function as part of the Bundeswehr – the current German army. The work of this unit, the conveying of impressions and the creation of experiences is, to a certain extent, aesthetic. These primary functions, in combination with the decoys and illusions of the army become metaphors in the photographic series Disguise andDeception by Anika Schwarzlose.