Richard Prince, Family Tweets (1)


41 x 58 cm, newspaper print
Published on the occasion of Desert X, California, 2017



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RICHARD PRINCE describes Third Place as, “The House where my family used to live and are now having a reunion.” Strip mining the surface of American cultural life, Princes’ work often exposes the darker sub-currents of sexual and familial tension as they expose themselves through humor and other tropes of psychological dysfunction.

‘Third Place’ is, as the title suggests, the third of a series of structures that adopt a vernacular architectural form as the housing for material that speaks to the interior life of its recently departed occupant. Like previous houses, it suggests a place where, one observer put it, ‘the circuitry of human relationship was completely shorted out and charred.’ Run-down and little saddle-sore the house in Desert Hot Springs might suggest a cowboy’s retreat. Plastered with ‘Family Tweets’ and the odd rendering of the artists himself, Third Place reveals itself as a three dimensional portrait – a state of mind as much a state of place. (Purple)