Jonathan Vinitsky, The Middle of the World


23,5 x 30,5 cm, 304 p, ills colour & bw, English/French
Published by Empire Books

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A limited edition book by Yonatan Vinitsky in the format of a completed sticker album. Inspired by popular French and Belgium sticker albums, the book inhabits a place between an artist’s book and historical documentation and re-enactment in the form of a large-scale completed sticker album sculpture. Vinitsky’s publication examines the studios of 14 international artists of the 20th Century, through the collaboration of more than 40 artists, writers, designers, photographers, architects and other related practitioners, working together under the roof of the book. The 14 studios were selected by Vinitsky from his personal list of art heroes. The book is constructed from newly commissioned texts and visual projects; without the use of any archival material, using performance, illustration, 3D models, photography, scanning, painting, sculpture and various re-enactments in order to ask what the artist studio means today.