Christian Lange, Lange Liste 79 – 97


24 x 34 cm, 196 p, ills bw, softcover, German
Published by Spector Books

Lange Liste 79–97 documents the daily lives of the Lange family using their meticulously kept account books—the story of a childhood and youth in the form of a housekeeping record. A painstakingly calculating mother who had to keep track of her limited funds unknowingly produced the raw material for experimental literature. Lange Liste 79–97 is a unique book about everyday history in the final days of East and West Germany shortly before reunification. Prizewinner in the Swiss Federal Office of Culture’s competition Die schönsten Schweizer Bücher (The Most Beautiful Swiss Books) in 2011 and in Sächsischer Staatspreis für Design (Design Prize of the State of Saxony) in 2012.