18.10 — 18.10.20
Kaskcinema posters, 2013-2019

RIOT is very pleased to show a selection of posters made by Jurgen Maelfeyt’s design studio 6’56” for Kaskcinema. Some posters have been exhibited worldwide at graphic design festivals. For the first time we bring together a selection of the posters from the period 2013-2019. It’s nice that: “Jurgen’s visual references span the latter half of the 20th Century, chopping between psychedelic hippy crystals, Technicolour landscape photography, acid house and New Wave cinema.”
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30.06 — 22.09.19
Vincen Beeckman

Expo by Belgian photographer Vincen Beeckman with three different projects.

“I met Lilly when I was working at the Foire du Midi fair in Brussels,” says Claude van Halen of his late partner, Liliane Maes. “I met her on the 14th of July 1995. The boss of a bar asked me, ‘Claude do you want to go with her because her man is beating her?’ I said yes. I even left my job for her. I went with her and and we stayed together for so long, for 23 years.”
Lilly passed away on 6th June 2018, Claude by her side till the end. The romance between them is kept alive through Vincen Beeckman’s pictures of Claude and Lilly. They are pictures of love, small sequences of affection, of touching, holding, kissing and being together in each other’s company.

The life of Carlos is a movie, a drama, a theaterplay, where the only lead role is played by himself. He experiences his own world on a screen, full of aggression and passion. Carlos shows himself to the world being an actor / vlogger who makes videos on youtube. In a very direct and sometimes aggressive way, Carlos addresses the issues of the homeless. As a viewer you feel a bit uncomfortable. Violence, discomfort but also charm and passion splatter from the screen. Carlos’ voice takes you in and tells you about his world, a world that is repulsive and attractive at the same time. Carlos knows no fear, only freedom, he knows everybody and nobody. Everybody has heard of Carlos, but nobody knows him for real. He greets every single person with his loud and forceful voice.
“ Même un chien avec un chapeau. ”
Carlos pushes his own limits, without knowing wether those limits exist. With this project photographer Vincen Beeckman searched for his limits too. Different than previous projects, that often were very intimate and in close connection with his subject, this time Beeckman had to take a certain distance. This results in a very powerful yet fragile portrait of an errant man.

CRACKS is a collection of images of a group of homeless people, taken in Central station in Brussels. It is a Recyclart project where Beeckman is working since 2002. He recorded the life of these people during an intense period of five years. With disposable cameras he gave them the freedom to photograph their own lives. We see their small world, the street family which they belong to, selfies of themselves and pictures with friends. Happiness and misfortune go hand in hand. The images speak for themselves, they show honesty and rawness at the same time. Beeckman realized that he, as a photo­grapher, never could be an equal member of that family, so he decided to give them the medium and the possibility to document their lives.